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WGP at a glance

The German Academic Society for Production Engineering is an association of leading German professors of production engineering. The institutes of the members employ more then 1000 scientists in that field. The WGP was founded in 1987 as successor to the in 1937 founded Organization of Operating Sciences (HBW), followed by the Organization of Manufacturing Technology (HGF). The WGP sees itself as an institution representing the interests of research and teaching in the field of production technology and does so in the scientific, social and political arena of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Tasks of the WGP

The WGP promotes and supports research and teaching of production engineering by:
  • strategic positioning of university research
  • initiatives and activities in the joint work between science and industry
  • advice and involvement in the initiation of research projects and programmes
  • transfer of knowledge from research to industry
  • development of technical and methodological curricula as well as reformation of engineering education
  • presentation of the importance of production and science in politics and society

Objectives of the WGP

The WGP cooperates with scientific institutions, social and political associations as well as industry in pursuit of their objectives:
  • innovation through research, development and knowledge transfer
  • skills through scientific training
  • promotion of engineering talent
  • communication and cooperation in scientific and industrial environments
  • strengthen public awareness for production and science

Self-Image of the WGP

The WGP is an association of German university professors, who are decisively involved in research and teaching in the field of production engineering. Heads of university- as well as Fraunhofer institutes are its members. They enjoy an outstanding reputation in Germany and keep up a global network. Its institutes have at their disposal above average third-party resources, which means that the number of employees ranges from about 30 to several hundred scientists. They do basic as well as applied research and industrial research. Their technical orientation ranges from chip and chip-less manufacturing processes and their appropriate plants and machinery, from robotics and assembly technology to questions of production management, work design and production logistics. In all these areas, the members of WGP have always managed to bridge such basic subjects as mathematics, physics and materials science by applying them to the challenges of manufacturing companies. The objective of all WGP members is to train gifted young people to become responsible and outstanding individuals for research and industrial careers.
Last modified 20.Jun 2016