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Fascination production engineering

What is production engineering?

Production is central to all value-added businesses. Their primary objective is to unite quality, cost and time under one roof. But other aspects as well, such as efficiency and economy of the value chain, customer orientation, leadership, social and environmental responsibility, reflect the diversity of production engineering.
For this reason, production engineers work and think in a creative and holistic environment. They not only consider the products themselves, but also the entire manufacturing process, starting at the phase of development. To achieve this goal, the production engineer applies interdisciplinary engineering skills. His concern is the development and design of production systems for the effective and efficient use of machinery and equipment to support the development and introduction of new innovative manufacturing technologies and to ensure the sustainability of technologies in the enterprise. Another central role of the production engineer is the integration of people and the manufacturing processes. As a result of demographic change and the increasing proportion of high-performance employees, the ergonomic design of jobs and processes will gain even greater importance in the future.
The production engineer deals primarily with
  • innovative manufacturing processes,
  • development and introduction of production systems and
  • technical and organizational optimization of production systems
The individual disciplines related to this are
  • manufacturing technology ,
  • process technology,
  • information technology,
  • handling technology,
  • conveyor technology,
  • robotics,
  • assembly,
  • work science and
  • production logistics.
Last modified 30.Jun 2016