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Cooperation with the WGP

The members of the WGP cultivate intensive cooperative ties to individuals and organizations in both science and industry. Objectives of this collaboration is the exchange of scientific findings and issues, the transfer of knowledge for the purpose of training and improving industrial processes, as well as participation in committees and associations for the benefit of society.
Collaboration with industry is important to us, in order to obtain for our institutes a combination of meaningful and beneficial synergies stemming from working on basic scientific questions and research transfer. Such knowledge will help industry continue to innovate, while challenges from industry help research in the identification of fundamental issues. In short, industry turns knowledge into money and science transforms money into knowledge.
The associations that function as representatives and networks for industry and business are important to us, because they often pool the many varying areas of interest and issues pertaining to the business world. They act as contact persons for project ideas from science and know about the actual situation at enterprises on many issues.
Our promoters are diverse and can be found on a national, European and international level. The scientists of the WGP benefit from the funding by these facilities and reciprocate by doing voluntary work in the administrative area, on boards and as reviewers.
This friendly cooperation between scientific societies serves the common representation of scientific opinions among the public and also the joint promotion of educational and science policies in the Federal Republic of Germany. They align themselves for concerted action with those societies that pursue measures for the benefit of training, research and society that go beyond pure subject matter.
Last modified 27.Sep 2010