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Production technology research is a broad and fascinating field. It extends from the development and exploration of novel plant structures to the invention and qualification of new manufacturing processes. Production research works on methods, equipment and production facilities for the aerospace, automotive, computer industry or manufacturing. Particularly important are its results for machinery and equipment, whose products determine the capacities of other industries.
Production systems are complex systems that, in a predetermined manner, form material from a raw state into a finished one, while input and output quantities are energy, materials and information.
To meet the growing needs and demands for industrial products, the systems of production engineering must constantly be improved. That is the job of production engineering research. This is also why the WGP, for example, works on innovative laser materials processing, new forms of organization for the efficient assembly of complex products, to new machines in order to process the secure, flexible and efficient production of parts and products. This creates a complete change in structure that is characterized by flexibility and adaptability to the challenges of a turbulent environment. But the economical use of resources in terms of energy, raw materials, space, capital as well as people is the content of production engineering research. A large field. Therefore, the institutes of the WGP got together in experts groups to scientifically penetrate the following disciplines:
  • Metal cutting machine tools and manufacturing processes
  • Forming Machine Tools and Manufacturing Processes
  • Assembly and Robotics
  • Industrial Management
Research continues in areas that are of a more cross-sectional nature. These include:
  • Control Engineering and Automation
  • Computer integration to customer order
  • Drive and Warehousing
  • Dynamic behaviour of machines
  • Production Logistics
In depth information can be found on the pages of the various WGP institutes.
Last modified 29.Oct 2010